Automatically Launch GroupWise

Okay, so now you know how to use the Scheduled Tasks feature in Windows to automatically launch a web browser session. You can also automatically launch software applications and files, too. Instead of manually opening your GroupWise program, Window can do that for you after you login to your computer. So, while your computer is working for you, automatically opening your programs to start the day, you can grab a coffee, chat with colleagues, whatever! Here’s how to automatically launch GroupWise:

  1. Select Start>Control Panel>Scheduled Tasks.
  2. Select File>New>Scheduled Task and name your task. (I call mine “GroupWise”)
  3. Right click the task and select Properties.
  4. Then, find out where your groupwise.exe (that’s the program file) resides on your computer. Locate your GroupWise icon that you click to start the program. Right click this icon and select Properties. Select the address in the Target box and copy this address.


  5. Then, paste this address into the Run box of the Properties of your new scheduled task you created (remember, after you name your Scheduled Task, you right click it and then select Properties.)
  6. This is how my Run box looks to launch GroupWise. (Yours will look different, depending upon where your program is located.)

    run dialog box

  7. Then, you need to click the Schedule tab in this dialog box, click the drop down box arrow and select At Logon.

    AtLogon dialog box

  8. Click Apply, then OK, and your GroupWise program should launch after you log on to your computer. (You will probably still need to logon to GroupWise once that box opens, but your program may work differently than mine.)

Congratulations! You are now starting to make a computer work for you. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?


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