Dictate your notes instead of writing: Jott It!

I was walking through the Student Union yesterday and noticed a couple of events I’d like to attend. But if you’re like me, you know if you jot it down on a piece of paper, it will either get lost or you won’t remember to put it on your calendar or even look at it. But you would really like to be reminded of this . . .

Then I remember why I had signed up for this service called Jott. This service allows me to call a toll free number on my cell phone, send a voice message to myself, which is then transcribed (and quite well, I might add) and sent to my email. I can easily and quickly create messages to remind myself of events, groceries, anything I know I will forget instantly if I don’t write it down. Think about the possibilities . . . you meet a new person, but don’t want to forget their name . . . jott it. You need to make an appointment, but don’t have time to either enter in your PDA or write it down . . . jott it.

You can also jott messages to your entire family (it’s easy to set this up), or to individual members, or to anyone. You can jott to your blog and other online publishing venues. I just installed a computer desktop reminder called “JottExpress,” which reminds me of my jotts. I can select the ones I’ve already done and archive them.


How about adding items to your to do list? Jott it. My 15-year old son thinks I’m going overboard on this tool, but I really like its convenience.

There’s only one catch . . . you actually have to put the item in your calendar and then go! (I’m hoping that soon Jott it will interface with google calendar, where it will recognize a date and event and be able to add it automatically. That would be really cool.)

Read about Jott and try it out. It’s easy to use and very handy.

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