Blackboard Quick Tips: Adding an image to an Announcement

When you post an announcement, especially one introducing yourself, you should really put in a picture, to personalize your course site and to help students identify you when they run into you on campus. Also, this quick tutorial can be applied to any content area where you want to post an image.

You can watch a video of this by clicking the image or the link below it

If you want to view a larger video of this, go to my link ( and watch it from there. (By the way, I used a lot to host, for free of course, a lot of my audio and video files. It’s handy, quick, and yes, very reasonably priced.)

How to add an image to an Announcement (or any student-accessed content) in Blackboard:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select one of your content areas (Course Documents or Course Information)
  3. Click the icon to add a folder and name the folder “images.” Make the folder visible to students by clicking “Yes” to “Do you want to make the folder visible?”
  4. Click to open this “images” folder.
  5. Then click “item” icon and browse to find your image. Your image should have the .jpg or .gif file extension.
  6. Click submit, then OK.
  7. After your picture has been uploaded to the Blackboard server, you’ll see a hyperlink. Right-click this hyperlink and choose “Open in New Window.”
  8. Another window or tab (depending upon your browser settings) will open, showing your picture.
  9. Select the URL/web address of the image and copy it (ControlC). You’ll need this address shortly!
  10. Then, either go to the announcement you want to add the picture to or create a new announcement by going to your Control Panel and then select Announcements (either Add or Modify your Announcement).
  11. Make sure the HTML radio button is selected.
  12. Type in the following HTML tag to add the image:<img src=”the address of your picture”>
  13. Click the Submit button to save the announcement.
  14. You have just learned how to insert an image html tag! Congratulations. 🙂

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