ProfCast: Making podcasting even easier

During yesterday’s workshop, I spoke briefly about ProfCast, a program that will include your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in your podcast. You could use this during a live class, in a lecture situation, or you could do it as a pre-recorded presentation. It’s a shareware program (15 day free trial, then about $20 or so for an educator’s version) that works on an Apple. After you open ProfCast, you simply drag your presentation into a window, ProfCast converts it, and then you record your narration. If you are doing this ahead of time, you can use your presentation notes. After you are finished, you can publish it directly to a server or to a folder on your computer, where you can upload from there to any number of free media hosting services (I’m still like, but yesterday one of my geek faculty members told me about TeacherTube, which looks VERY interesting.)

For Windows users, this same faculty member told me about SnapKast, which is very similar to ProfCast. Take a look at this if you are mainly a Windows user.

As I said yesterday, Boise State will be using iTunes U to host podcasts, so I’m really excited about using this service to simplify uploading and linking to podcasts. But in the meantime, you can create podcasts using many means (try out ProfCast for one) and then upload to a free hosting service, a blog, or even a wiki.

And by the way, it IS Friday, so have a great weekend. I’ll see you all on Monday, for another getting organized day to start the week.


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