WizIQ: Free web conferencing software

This post is coming from someone who has used pretty sophisticated web conferencing software: namely Macromedia Breeze, which is now called Adobe Connect Professional. Someone from the EdTech department here at Boise State told me about WizIQ, and I first thought, “yeah, well I’m sure it’s pretty basic.” NOT. Here is the lowdown on this software:

Try it out first. You’ll need to set up an account and then you can quickly create an online meeting. Have a colleague join you and see what you think. You can upload content, such as a PowerPoint, PDF, and other files, as well as use a whiteboard. It has a text chat and users can connect via a webcam and/or microphone. So far the service is FREE, so I would jump on and see what you think. It might provide a great space for students working in a group to collaborate online. All sessions are saved, and one of the greatest features is that you can access other member’s content, too. You can see what other teachers are using WizIQ for. I’ve included a screen shot of a meeting I just set up, after uploading a PDF file to the presentation area. (To view this thumbnail in full size, simply click the image.)

Wiz IQ


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