FileMaker Campus Productivity Kit

One of the best things about working at Academic Technologies is that I am surrounded by people who are actively involved (and interested in) technology developments. I don’t have to search out new stuff–people working around me are already doing this! Just last Friday, one of my co-workers told me about FileMaker’s Campus Productivity Kit.

It’s essentially a pared-down (and free) version of FileMaker (a very powerful database program that runs on a PC or Apple) for students that allows them to use its database capabilities to organize all sorts of things. For instance, the package includes 5 pre-designed, ready to use modules that will help students:
1. Manage contacts
2. Organize research and lecture notes
3. Track group project assignments
4. Coordinate events
5. Prioritize to-do lists

Before you download this tool, you’ll need to complete an information form (you know, your name, address, etc.) and then you will receive a download link in your email. (I’m still waiting for mine to test out the software.)

However, it sounds like an excellent free software package, so I’m going to follow through and check it out. You might want to make your students aware of this, too.


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