Using Jott? Install Jott Express on your desktop

For those of you who read my posting about Jott, a very easy and simple way to send email messages to yourself from your cell phone, you might also want to install Jott Express. This application uses technology called Adobe AIR to make it work, and you’ll need to okay this installation in order to get Jott Express. You can use Jott Express to send emails to yourself or anyone in your contact list instead of going to your email program. You can also send text messages through Jott Express.

If you Jott a message to yourself from your cell phone, that message will also show up on your Jott Express on your computer desktop. So, Jott Express is quite handy.

Jott Express

You’ll need to have a Jott account set up to use Jott Express. I’ve not used this feature, but I think it could offer a lot of options in the automatic posting to a blog. I’ve not been successful at posting through Jott to my WordPress blog, but I haven’t tried it on blogger, which is listed on the Jott website.


The transcription accuracy of Jott is pretty good, and even if it is not perfect, you can send quick and important messages to yourself that you read, either in your email or through Jott Express. So now I have no excuses for forgetting anything, right?


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