Design DOES matter

If you think you’ve gone to the wrong blog, you haven’t. It’s just that I like to change things from time to time . . . spice things up a bit. And since WordPress offers so many options for themes and I always like change . . . well, here’s a new theme I’m tweaking a bit. I have always leaned towards white backgrounds for web design, so choosing this theme didn’t surprise me. I also chose it for its readability (I like Verdana font for online reading) and the simplicity of the navigation/design. Time will tell, but for now, it looks good.

I am also planning on changing the banner image from time to time. Right now (especially after Sunday’s riveting game), I thought a football picture was appropriate. But this won’t remain permanently, as I want to show other pictures from Boise State.

I also changed the title of the blog to “Teaching with Technology@BSU.” I like the looks of it, as well as its simplicity. The @ symbol is also a subtle inference of AT for “Academic Technologies.”

So that’s it for today. A post about a modified design for this blog, about the necessity for change, and the importance of design in everything you do.

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