Printing web pages in Blackboard

One of the things you will either find out or know already is that Blackboard uses what are called “frames.” These frames are really separate pages, but appear as one when you view them. They look nice, they work well, but they CAN create a problem when you want to print a Blackboard web page. Although there are gazillions of ways to print a frame, here’s an easy and intuitive way to do this, by selecting the frame first to see it and then just printing it. What could be easier?

First of all, use Mozilla Firefox as your browser. I know, I know, you’ve been using Internet Explorer, but I think you would be happier with Firefox. You’ll need to have Firefox downloaded on your computer, and of course, it’s easy and free.

To print a specific frame on a Blackboard course page, simply position your mouse in the area you want to print, right click, and select, “This Frame,” and then another dialog box will appear and you will select, “Show Only this Frame.”

Frame 1

After you do this, you will see the frame you have selected. (If you don’t see the correct frame, hit the Back button on your browser and try again. Maybe you didn’t have your mouse positioned on the proper frame.)

frame 2

If the frame is the right one, then all you need to do is select File>Print from the browser menu and print. If you want to make sure you could select File>Print Preview and then select Print.

frame 3

This should provide a quick and easy way to tell your students how to print a frame in Blackboard. And now you don’t even have to create information to tell them. Just provide this link on your course site and it’s all here for them:

And for you.

Have a great day.

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