Come to our first Faculty Mashup!


Today’s posting is an advertisement for an event I’ve planned. The event is called “Faculty Mashup” and it involves presentations from three BSU faculty members (Dr. Kerry Rice, Dr. Rob Anson, Dr. Michael Blankenship) on how they are using technology in innovative and creative ways. It will be a lot of fun, plus we’ll be serving drinks and snacks.

We’ll be having the meeting in one of the classrooms in the Interactive Learning Center (ILC), room number 202. If you haven’t been to this building and seen the classrooms, this will be another good reason to come. The technology tools available in the classroom are well-designed and offer multiple ways to present content and interact with students.

If we are to have more of these events, I will need a fairly good attendance. Therefore PLEASE SIGNUP FOR THIS EVENT at

I’ve done a bit of publicizing for this event without having to send out mass emails (see my previous posting), so we’ll see how effective it all was. Again, please sign up at the link above (DO IT NOW!) and come to our event. Meet new colleagues, see how other faculty are using technology, and come away with new ideas for integrating technology in your area.

For more info, see this online flyer:


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