Web-based Video Blog

This posting is also an advertisement! I’d like to tell you about a great new blog hosted and written by a faculty member at Boise State: Dr. Chareen Snelson. Her blog can be found at http://web-based-video.blogspot.com/

As you can see from her postings, she is focusing on the benefits and uses of web-based videos for education. Her ideas are creative and useful, and I encourage you to subscribe to her blog to stay on top of the exploding video resources available out there.

To subscribe to her blog, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Subscribe to Posts/Atom.” Of course you’ll need to have a feed reader account set up (I use Google Reader) to complete this process. If you need help with learning how to set up a feed reader, read some of my posts on this.

Chareen’s blog can be useful for many, many content areas. I think that as she continues to explore this vast and rich resource, she’ll come up with many ideas for using web-based video in the classroom. Thanks, Chareen, for sharing your ideas with us.


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