Have you tried the eAudiobooks through Albertsons Library?

If you don’t know about this, you should: You now have access to over 2,000 eAudiobooks, through Albertsons Library. In fact, EVERYONE IN IDAHO has the ability to access these audiobooks for FREE. All they need to do is create an account with netLibrary. When you go to the Albertsons Library homepage, you’ll see a link called “eAudiobooks now available” under “Whats new @thelibrary.” Simply click this link and then register for an account.

You can browse the collection and then download a CD quality version of the audiobook to your computer. The downloaded file then can be accessed for 21 days, after which is it wiped from your computer. I just downloaded a book to my computer (you’ll need to use a PC), so I’ll be curious to see what happens to it after the 21 days. I suppose it will just be inactive, kind of like a trial program you download to your computer, but we shall see. Here is what I learned from downloading an eAudiobook:

First of all, I ran into some difficulties. I started this process a couple of weeks ago and then had to scrap troubleshooting, because I had other more important things to do. But I kept coming back to it to see what might be the problem. Again, you MAY NOT experience these problems and go through the steps outlined in this Albertsons Library webpage with ease, but if you get an error message when trying to listen to the file in Windows Media Player, then READ ON.

After I had downloaded the file (and I tried both methods–saving it to my computer and trying to open it with Windows Media Player), I received an error message that I did not have the rights to play it. I found a website that provided troubleshooting instructions.

I followed the instructions, first removing Windows Media Player (which actually didn’t remove it the first time, but rolled it back to a prior version, so I had to go through a couple of restarts before I could entirely remove it, I think). I then reinstalled Windows Media Player 11, but still got that error message.

So, the next step according to Windows was to reset the Windows Media DRM System. This warning preceded the instructions and didn’t sound too reassuring:

“Warning: Resetting the DRM system will delete the media usage rights (also known as licenses) for your protected files. To play, burn, or sync any protected files on your computer, you will need to download new rights from your content providers. In some limited cases, it might not be possible to download new rights for certain files. Before resetting your DRM system, contact your online store for more information about its policies regarding rights download. In addition, if you are running Windows XP Media Center Edition or Windows Media Center for Windows Vista and you reset your DRM system, you might not be able to play any copy-protected TV shows that you have previously recorded”

But hey, what did I have to lose? Not being able to use Windows Media? So, I went through the steps on the website to delete the files contained in this mysterious DRM folder. (You’ll need to make sure that hidden folders are viewable. I’ve done a quick video showing you how to do this.)
[blip.tv ?posts_id=447073&dest=-1]

After all this, I restarted my computer again, held my breath, said a prayer, and then right-clicked the eAudiobook file, told it to open with Windows Media Player, and hallelujah, I received a message that required me to enter my username and password for the netlibrary account, which I COULD do. After that, the file started playing. I was elated, needless to say.

So, if you have initial problems listening to your eAudiobooks, try this fix and let me know if it works for you (or doesn’t.) And start using this fabulous service for yourself, your kids, your school.


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