Making your course available (or not!) in Blackboard

Today is Tuesday, Blackboard Tech Tips day. Sometimes, some of the most basic features in Blackboard are either overlooked or not even discovered. This was the case for me in making Blackboard available/unavailable to users.

As you know, students are automatically entered in your Blackboard course site. However, you might still be putting the finishing touches on your site before classes start and don’t want students to see the course just yet. You can easily make your course site unavailable for student viewing. (However, I would also email all of my students before the semester starts to let them know when they CAN access the site. This will eliminate a potential flood of emails asking why they can’t get into your course!)

Here’s all you need to do to make Blackboard unavailable to viewers:

  1. Go to your course site in Blackboard.
  2. Select Control Panel>Course Options>Settings
  3. Select Course Availability
  4. Select “NO” under “Make Course Available”
  5. Click Submit

One important thing to remember: Make sure you go back to this setting when the semester starts, so that your course WILL be available to students! Otherwise, you WILL be receiving some desperate emails.


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