TeamSpot is coming to Boise State this Friday, Nov. 2!

One of our initiatives here at Academic Technologies is to investigate opportunities for small group collaboration using a technology tool called TeamSpot. This software was developed at Stanford and is now offered as a commercial product. Stanford called their technology “GroupSpaces.”

This Friday, November 2, you have the opportunity to meet the founder and CEO of Tidebreak (the company behind TeamSpot), Dr. Andrew Milne. If you are interested in viewing this software and how it can be used for face-to-face group collaboration, please plan on attending our informational sessions. Please contact me or Eric Orton to find out the details and to sign up.

Here’s an interesting article written by Dr. Milne, called “Entering the Interactive Age.” TeamSpot technology is meant to enable group collaboration in a face-to-face environment. The software is pretty easy to set up and use, but perhaps the biggest challenge is how to use this to create effective and efficient learning spaces for students. One of the purposes of our computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) initiative is to identify ways that faculty can set up effective group interactions/collaboration. Some of the questions I have are:

  • Should collaborative activities always be structured?
  • What kinds of activities lend themselves to using CSCL?
  • How should students be graded?
  • What is collaborative learning and how does it compare to cooperative learning?
  • Are certain kinds of learning activities better suited to CSCL?
  • Are certain types of projects better suited to using TeamSpot?

If you are interested in using CSCL in your classroom or creating and promoting effective group collaborative projects, I encourage you to attend one of our sessions scheduled for this Friday. Again, please email me ( or Eric Orton to find out more and reserve some space.

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