Stop Autoplay: Fabulous Firefox add-on

Okay, it’s another Monday, a “getting organized day.” You might be thinking, “how does this Firefox add-on help me get organized?” Well, just think of how much extra time you will have by not having to either (a) exit a website because of a video automatically playing you weren’t prepared for, or (b) click the pause button on a video that auto-starts.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I sure get aggravated when I go to a website that includes an autoplay of a video. It can be especially aggravating if you have someone else working in your office. But don’t despair, because there ARE other people like us out there–so many so that someone created code that will disable this bothersome feature. It’s a Firefox add-on called “stop autoplay,” and can be downloaded from this site:

After you download it, you will need to restart your browser. Then, select Tools> Add-ons from your browser menu bar, select the Stop Autoplay add on and then select Options. You’ll need to click two tabs: General Media and Flash and decide how you want this tool to work. Following are two screen shots of how I configured this add-on:

general media


After seeing how this add-on works, I went back and allowed Flash videos, since so much content is flash-based. However, you can also include a blacklist (or whitelist) of sites that you don’t want to auto-play or do want to play. I would play around with the settings and see what works for you.

And if you are still putting off downloading Firefox and making it your default browser, then don’t waste any more time. The address is easy to remember: Now you have no excuses.


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