Visual Editing Tools in Blackboard

Sometimes I forget that there ARE reasons to use Internet Explorer from time to time. Although I really prefer Mozilla Firefox (I am hooked on its add-ons and rich applications), I still need to use Windows and IE for certain functions. If you want to use the visual text editor in Blackboard (and I would highly recommend it, since it really simplifies posting), then you’ll need to use Internet Explorer (that also means using Windows.)

You’ll need to make sure that you have enabled the visual text editor in your Blackboard account. To make sure, select Personal Information from your Blackboard home page after you sign in, then Set Visual Text Box Editor Options, and then make sure you have “Available” selected.

Visual text box editor

Then, all you need to do is make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and the text boxes will show up with visual editing icons, like you see in Word, for instance. Here’s a quick video I created in jing ( that shows this.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying out Jing. It works like Camtasia, but is FREE and right now TechSmith is offering free storage space to host your videos. Think of Jing as just a very on the fly, quick method for answering how to questions by your students and then sending them the link to view what you would have had to talk to them about.


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