File conversion software:

I don’t know where they came up with the name for this software, but I sure am glad that someone came up with the software! This online file conversion tool ( will convert just about any type of file you want to another format. It will convert image, video, document, music files to various formats. For instance, it will convert a Window wmv file (that’s a video file format ONLY viewable in Windows Media Player) to a mov file (and oodles of other choices). You don’t even need to create an account for this service. Simply download your file you want converted, indicate the type of file you want it converted to, enter your email address, and zamzar will send you a link in your email to download that converted file.

I’m playing around with this tool and it seems to work great. I just converted a wmv file to a movie file, to see if any of the quality was lost in the conversion. The transitions between slides (this was a slideshow) were affected, but the overall quality of the mov file was fine, especially for online viewing. So, try out when you need to convert a file and you don’t either have the software to do this or don’t know if you even can! It’s an essential tech-tool!


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