Google desktop: Find anything on your computer

If you’re an Apple user, you know how easy it is to find stuff on your computer. Simply type in a few letters of your keyword search into the Spotlight window and you can usually find in less than a second what you are looking for. That’s not so easy on a PC. I’ve always been pretty frustrated with the Search feature in Windows (I still haven’t tried out Vista, for a good reason, I guess), as it takes forever and doesn’t seem to find what I am looking for. However, there is a pretty easy solution for this dilemma and it’s called Google Desktop.

Google Desktop will find what you are looking for not only in a file on your computer, but in a multitude of other files. It’s amazing, really, and I think you will really appreciate its speed and practicality. Here is more info on the features of Google Desktop:

You’ll need to download and install Google Desktop (, and it takes some time for the program to index all of your computer files. However, you can have this done while you are not working on your computer.

Try out Google Desktop by searching for a file that you know you have, for instance, and see how it works. Then, try searching for something that you couldn’t find and see what it comes up with. You will be impressed to see how many files Google Desktop finds–even emails and other types of files you wouldn’t think of! It’s almost too good. Now that’s a refreshing thought! Happy Monday. 🙂

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