My BSU resource wiki for English teachers

Barbara’s BSU beginning wiki resource for faculty and students:

As I prepare workshops and compile resources for students and faculty, I am also thinking about the future. For instance, instead of preparing new materials each time (well, what smart person would do that anyway?), I put my resources and tutorials online, for viewing anytime, anyplace. My plans are to eventually create online workshops for some topics, so that students and faculty can access the materials on demand, and in return, I don’t have to present everything in a live format, saving me time in the process. Or at least that is the plan! 🙂

So, when English 101 teachers started asking me if I could present a quick workshop for their students on how to create a digital story using Microsoft PhotoStory, I began to put together a resource of tutorials I had found online, information on digital storytelling, and begin to think/plan for an eventual online workshop for future students.

To begin this process, I set up a wiki.

I know that I have been extolling the virtues of wikis, and there is a reason for that. THEY ARE SO SIMPLE TO SET UP AND USE, that I can’t think of a better tool at the moment. I set up a few wikis for various workshops which I eventually plan to offer as totally online resources. For the moment, however, these wikis provide the backdrop and supplemental learning materials for my live workshops. Here’s what I’ve put together so far:

Go to my main wiki URL, from which you can link to other wikis on PhotoStory3, Web Design, and Multigenre writing:

Many faculty members in the English department here at Boise State are using wikis for their course sites and for students to post materials and writing. They like the ease of setting up the wiki, plus the ease of accessing student work. If you haven’t tried out pbwiki, take a look at it and try it out. Once you try out using a wiki and thinking of the many ways to use them, you’ll be a wiki evangelist too.

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