GSpace: Another Tool for Collaboration?

Like so many new tools, the potentials for collaboration are pretty exciting. GSpace, a file storage tool that uses your Gmail storage space, might be another one of those tools. GSpace is a Firefox add on, which you can download at:

The image below shows what the GSpace panel looks like when it pops up from the right hand bottom of your Firefox browser window:

I’m thinking, for instance, that students could set up a Gmail account and then use GSpace as a community storage space for files they are either working on or need for a project. Of course, you can use Google docs for word processing, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint, but GSpace offers a way for people to store files in a common container for access from any computer. It’s just another free storage that’s easy and convenient.

To show you how this works, I’ve put together a quick video using jing ( I used the internal microphone on my Apple and it doesn’t sound all that bad. Check it out at this URL:

Files you upload to your GSpace automatically show up in your inbox, but there is a way to avoid this, too. Just go to the following site and scroll down to find out how to archive these GSpace mails:


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