Label Makers: You need one

label makerI know I write a lot about technology tools, but here is one tool that everyone should really own: a label maker. I realize that this might seem strange coming from someone who uses a computer to do just about everything, but I’ve found that an inexpensive label maker helps make file folders more readable and useable. However, to USE a label maker, you need to OWN a label maker. Even if your department has one in the central office, you probably won’t use it if it’s not in your office. After all, you need to GO to that office, ASK to use it, and by that time you probably will be interrupted and forget that all you really wanted to do was slap a couple of labels on file folders. The benefit to having your OWN label maker cannot be understated.

I use the following Brother label maker (but I’ve seen some at Costco that look pretty good, about the same price, $29 or so): Brother Label Maker

The neat thing about a label maker is that it’s quick and easy to create singular labels for folders. No putting stuff in a printer and formatting in a software program. You just type in the word or words, hit print, the label comes out, you use the built-in tool to separate the sticky part from the backing, slap the label on the folder, file the folder, and you are done. A feeling of accomplishment suddenly floods over you and you are excited to do the next one! Honest!

I even convinced my husband to do this, which I really thought was close to impossible. He likes the way his folders look, he can more easily find the folder, since the printing is so legible, and he also likes the convenience of using this little machine for making single labels at a time. Hey, if I can convince my husband to do this simple task, just think about the possibilities . . .


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