Pronetos: Social networking for scholars

On Monday, I met with Chris Blanchard, CEO and founder of Pronetos, a social networking platform for professors. Chris is a history graduate student at BSU and also received his undergraduate history degree from BSU. He is computer-smart, energetic, and full of great ideas.

Pronetos is a social network for scholars–a way for professors to meet others in the same discipline, to publish articles online, to get feedback and reviews, and to get work published. So far I haven’t seen how the reviewing or publishing parts work, but maybe that is upcoming. One of the most obvious reasons to join this network is simply to network and meet other people who are ostensibly interested in reading and reviewing (or commenting on) your work.

The concept of social networking got me thinking. Why do certain social networks work and other don’t? Well, for one, social networks need to have a pretty solid base of people who actually participate and contribute. In order to get this critical mass of participants, social networks need to be valuable and worthwhile. It reminds me of why I go to exercise classes–I receive positive feedback, both from the group members and toward strengthening my personal sense of emotional and physical well-being. Group exercise is valuable and worthwhile to me, so I go (kind of). 🙂

So, try out Pronetos and see what you think and of course, post your comments. I have signed up and am under the “Educational/Instructional Technology” group. You need to join a group before you can post comments or upload an article. The links for starting a discussion or uploading an article are on your Disciplines page (I admit these were hard to find).

For more information about Chris and his company, read his blog, LGM (About Us page):


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