SD card camcorders: Not mainstream . . . yet

Panasonic video cameraDigital video cameras have evolved over the years. They have gone from bulky, heavy devices that used VHS tape to smaller, lighter sisters that use a small DV tape. Now it appears that video cameras are TRYING to go the way of still digital cameras, by using those little SD cards you are probably familiar with.

SD card

Using these cards allows the cameras to become even smaller and less vulnerable to breakdown, since you don’t have the moving parts of the mini DV tape. It all SOUNDS good, but when I started researching this new technology in video cameras, I was disappointed to find out that these cameras are not that mainstream. Also, it was difficult to figure out if these SD card video cameras were compatible with Apple computers. In most cases, it appeared that specialized software was required to download on a PC only in order for the video file to be edited.

Lori Grunn writes in her blog, “Personally, I don’t consider a camcorder as mainstream if you have to search the Web and troll forums to find software to play or edit your video. The highly lame software that comes bundled with these models doesn’t count.” Ditto. I have been researching Panasonic and Sony’s websites, reading articles reviews on C|net and STILL haven’t figured out if there is anything out there that will allow as easy capturing to a PC and/or Apple and editing in standard video editing programs (Windows Movie Maker and Apple’s iMovie) as you can do with a miniDV tape machine.

There are also video cameras out there that record to an internal hard drive, which makes sense. Also cameras that include BOTH an internal hard drive and SD card storage are available. However, the information on all of these is also sketchy and requires the sleuthing of a techno-Sherlock Holmes to really figure it all out. Even I don’t have time for this.

Therefore, before I waste any more time on the Internet (did I actually write this?) I’m going to physically GO to a camera store here in Boise and maybe get the answers I am searching for. I’ll get back to you on this. Maybe.


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