Learning from my 11 year-old daughter

Sometimes I need to be reminded that my children often know more than I do about computers. 🙂 Just the other night I was working on creating a mailing label for a Christmas gift I’m sending to my parents. I thought a nice touch on the mailing label would be a small holiday image, so I tried to insert some Microsoft clip art from Word. But when I realized that most of the images weren’t on my computer, but on a Microsoft media disk, I went to Google images instead.

As you should know by now, Google is THE name in search engines. Google pretty much dominates the market and has specialized search engines for an assortment of options. Following is the list from Google’s page: http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/

Alerts Alerts
Get email updates on the topics of your choice
Blog Search Blog Search
Find blogs on your favorite topics
Book Search Book Search
Search the full text of books
Checkout Checkout
Complete online purchases more quickly and securely
Desktop Desktop
Search and personalize your computer
Earth Earth
Explore the world from your computer
Finance Finance
Business info, news, and interactive charts
iGoogle iGoogle
Add news, games and more to the Google homepage
Images Images
Search for images on the web
Maps Maps
View maps and directions
News News – now with archive search
Search thousands of news stories
Notebook Notebook
Clip and collect information as you surf the web
Patent Search Patent Search
Search the full text of US Patents
Product Search Product Search
Search for stuff to buy
Scholar Scholar
Search scholarly papers
Special Searches Special Searches
Search within specific topics
Toolbar Toolbar
Add a search box to your browser
Video Video
Search for videos on Google Video and YouTube
Web Search Web Search
Search over billions of web pages
Web Search Features Web Search Features

Pretty amazing stuff. But, back to my story.

So I decided to use Google image search (just go to google.com and then select “image” and do your search). I typed in “Christmas” in the search box and of course received many choices. But I wanted a small image and that is where the story about my daughter starts. She came in my office while I was doing this and she IMMEDIATELY pointed out the drop-down box on this search page that narrows the search by image SIZE:


I selected “small images” and quickly found what I needed. And I made a mental note to write about this learning experience and to remember to always listen to my kids. I might just learn a few things . . .

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