Spring 2008: A Very Busy Semester

Well, I’m back to work, but most of BSU is still pretty quiet. Classes don’t start here until January 22, and faculty members will start filtering in the week before that. So, I’m going to enjoy the relative tranquility of my office and campus for the next couple of weeks. It will be a good time to get organized after my holiday vacation and ready for what should be a VERY BUSY spring semester. Let me tell you why . . .

Academic Technologies is involved in various grants and will need to start rolling them out this semester. The Web 2.0 grant, for instance, involves the deployment and use of blogs, wikis, and podcasting by faculty and staff members. We will be offering both external blogs and wikis, and internal ones within Blackboard. So, you will have the option of using internal blogs and wikis for writing that needs to be password-protected within Blackboard and external ones for more public arenas. It is anticipated that these blogs and wikis will be available for faculty use during this spring semester.

Podcasting using iTunes U is also on the agenda. This is a huge undertaking and requires the cooperation and help of various university departments. Once we get ITunes U operational, we should be able to get faculty members started using this service. We are hoping to have this service available during the mid-point of the spring semester, if all goes well.

We are also working on a grant that involves Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). Students will be able to use software called TeamSpot that enables small teams to work collaboratively on computers. We plan on making these “TeamSpots” available at several locations throughout campus.

I will continue to post to this blog every week day, writing about new technology and tools you might want to know about. I will also be planning for another “Faculty Mashup,” where faculty members showcase how they use technology to enhance teaching and learning. It should be a very busy semester.


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