Submit your top 10 Technology Tools to Jane!

We all write blogs for many reasons–but one obvious reason is so that others will read them. Well . . . last Friday Jane Hart from eLearn Magazine did just that and corrected me on one of the top 100 Tech Tools from her list. I wrote that Zotero did NOT make the list, but that is incorrect . . . it came in at 72.

If you use technology tools in your teaching, I encourage you to submit your list to Hart. You can find out how to do this at the following website:

Although Hart is based in the UK (how she spells “favourite” was a dead giveaway!), she compiles data from the U.S. as well. We have a lot of faculty and staff here at BSU who should be able to send her their list. (I guess that means me, too.)

So, take a look at the technology tools that you use and why you use them. Follow the instructions on the website and then send them in. The world will be watching . . .


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