Tech Tool #1:Firefox

firefoxI am planning on submitting a top ten list of technology tools I really love and use a lot and thought I’d start organizing this by writing here. So, for the next few days you’ll get to read about my favorites. I encourage you to either (a) try out some of them and/or (b) respond to my ideas and let me know if you use these tools or not and what else I should know about them.

To start with, I’m sort of going with the pack here, since Hart’s list last year included this at the top: Firefox browser. I simply think this is one of the best tools with which to get work done. I use Firefox just about exclusively (except for the FEW TIMES when I need to use a PC and Internet Explorer.) And hey, the GOOD NEWS for Firefox fans is the new Blackboard update seems to allow all of the functionality with Firefox. YEAHHH!!!

The reason I like Firefox is for its add-ons or plugins. I use the following and will keep adding to the list, I’m sure:

  • Zotero: an online bibliographic manager that is too cool to even describe. Just go to their website, watch their introductory video and you, too, will be swept away. It’s absolutely stunning.
  • GSpace: An easy to use online filing cabinet that works with your gmail account. It looks and acts like an ftp client, where you can drag your files into the “transfer” tab and then access and download those files to any other computer. It’s a great shared storage system.
  • Social bookmarking will make you never want to use those frustrating “favorites” again. You know, the folders that are supposed to help you organize and find stuff, but only make you realize that your memory was left somewhere amongst all of those subfolders. To make delicious really work easily and quickly for you, install the browser buttons. They are indispensable.
  • Scrapbook: Need to save a web page, part of a web page, make annotations on web pages? No problem, you have scrapbook, the Firefox add-on that will save your life if the web page you are looking for online has changed its URL or has been deleted. With scrapbook, you will have a copy of that web page, organized and stored how you want it.

These are just a few of the add-ons that I am currently using. I also read Hart’s blog, which is filled with interesting new tech stuff and other great blogs to read. How about reading journal entries reconstructed from letters saved from a WWI veteran? It’s all here and continuing at the following blog:

This is the kind of stuff you can only find out about from reading interesting blogs!

Until next week, have a great weekend!

One thought on “Tech Tool #1:Firefox

  1. I like the idea of having a BSU-centric, homegrown list of top ten tech tools that faculty use in their classroom or for academic purposes. Where this list might reside is an issue but thought I’d share my top ten (right now) favorite tools with you:

    1. Firefox (ditto on everything you mentioned)
    2. (ditto)
    3. Meebo (browser-based IM; my Yahoo IM is freerangelibrarian if you feel like chatting)
    4. ScribeFire (blog editor that integrates nicely with your browser)
    5. Skype (make telephone calls with other Skype users all over the world using your computer. Free)
    6. Flickr (post, share, use, and explore millions of photos)
    7. DivShare (online storage)
    8. Jing project (make quick videos/screencasts and share them online)
    9. Google Reader (keep up to date with as many RSS feeds as you want)
    10. Picnik (online image editor and Firefox add-on)



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