Tech Tool #2: WordPress blog

wordpresslogoToday is day #2 of ten days to write about my ten most favorite tech tools. My number one tech tool is the Firefox browser. My #2 tech tool is my blogging software, There is no one reason why I like wordpress the best, but I really like the way it looks and how easy it is to edit multiple wordpress blogs I am working on. When I’m logged in to wordpress, all of my blogs are accessible from a handy dashboard menu at the top of my blog.

I also like the templates they offer and the professional look of the blog. Some of its most powerful features are almost invisible, but very important, such as the Akismet spam blocker. This service/plug-in recognizes spam and holds it in a special place for me to view to either delete it or identify it as not being spam. If I didn’t have this service, there would already be a ton of spam on this site. Thank you, Akismet.

However, I would also recommend blogger ( This very easy to use blogging service is owned by Google, so signing in is a simple process if you have a google account. And if you don’t have a google account, well then tomorrow when I tell you about my #3 tool, you’ll need to get one!

For those of you who are just investigating blogging, you will be happy to know that all of these web-based services are free of charge. Most don’t have ads and you can customize them pretty well. If you want to do more advanced customization in wordpress, for instance, you’ll need to pay a bit extra. WordPress also offers a service that will redirect a wordpress blog to another domain name you own. If I wanted to have a domain for this blog, all I need to do is get one and then pay $10 a year to wordpress and they’ll redirect it. (I am just trying to come up with a good name for this blog before the domain. Any ideas, please send them my way!)

Blogs are quick, easy, and a great way to actually START writing. Much of what I’ve written to this blog, for instance, has been of great value in providing information and resources to faculty. When a faculty member asks me about something I have already blogged about, I simply provide the URL to that post. It sure saves me a lot of time. And saving time is something I like.


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