Tech Tool #3: Google

googleiconGoogle is my #3 tech tool, since it includes so many features that are truly indispensable. Of course, we all know about the Google search engine, but did you also know that Google has specialized search engines? Try out some of these if you are interested:

  1. Google Scholar: Search engine that is very useful when conducting research. It also integrates quite well with Zotero.
  2. Google blog search: Yeah, a search engine just for blogs. What else could you ask for?
  3. Google desktop: When you want to find just about ANYTHING on your computer and beyond, download this tool and use the special Google desktop search bar. For PC users, it’s indispensable.

Gmail is my email of choice. I like the huge storage capacity and its ease of use. Integration of other useful Google tools is also part of the reason I’ve chosen Google as #3:

  • Google Calendar: Create calendars and make them public for easy viewing.
  • Google Docs (not only sharing/editing word documents, but also spreadsheets and presentations. I can use Google docs for probably 95% of my writing. You can also use Google docs in an offline mode.)
  • Google Analytics: An easy way to set up an analysis of your web sites. I am beginning to use this a lot and it provides valuable information/site statistics.
  • Google Notebook: A great way to save web pages or parts of them online. You won’t lose content on a web page ever again.
  • Google Page Creator: I don’t use this that much, but it’s a handy tool for instant websites that students need to create.
  • Google Groups: A nice group/collaborative tool that includes discussion forums, file uploads, and pages. You can store files here.

So, instead of counting each of these applications as one tool, I’m grouping them into a Google category. That way, I’ll have room for more of my favorite tools. See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Tech Tool #3: Google

  1. According to a post in BroncoBytes, student, faculty and staff e-mail accounts at BSU will be moved to Google Apps. I already use Google for a lot of my online needs so moving my work-related tasks to Google will (hopefully) be a breeze.

    I see a lot of potential for collaborative and learning opportunities here: the ability to share calendars, online & real time document editing, chat communication, and a whole lot more experimenting.


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