Tech Tool #5:

flickrI don’t take as many digital photos as I should. One of the reasons is that probably I don’t always have my camera with me (a must.) But also, I just am not in the habit of snapping photos wherever I go. As the seasons change, along with views of Boise State, I need to get more pro-active and start taking pictures. The ease with which I can upload, display, and share pictures with should really make me take some initiative! If you don’t have a account, go get one. Then, start experimenting with the tools. There are plenty of flickr hacks that more advanced users can do, too.

Essentially, flickr is a photo social network of sorts. You can form groups, search for photos by tags, and rate other people’s photos. You can store your photos on flickr and then display them in different formats on your blog, wikis, or website. You can post to your blog from flickr (I’ve tried that out and it works great–read about it here). There are so many things you can do with flickr that I won’t even begin to go into them here. Just try it out if you take a lot of pictures. Oh, and make sure you download the bulk upload tool, which allows you to select a bunch of pictures at once from your files to upload to flickr. This tool will also allow you to compress your photos before uploading.

Have more fun taking pictures, storing, viewing, and sharing them. I need to follow my own advice.


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