Tech Tool #10: Mac OS X

osxI’m at the last number of my tech tools, and I’m thinking that this one should really be my number one. The reason for this is that without my Apple computer’s OS X software (the operating system), I wouldn’t be able to use any of my favorite tech tools. To me, an Apple computer is similar to a Honda automobile–beautiful, functional, of high quality, and built to last. And not too expensive. 🙂

With the new Intel Macs (and I was told by my 15-year old son that the computer hardware is called “Apple” and the software “Mac,” so I might be interchanging these terms), you can use Boot Camp, a free software that allows you to also use Microsoft Windows for programs you need to use but are not Mac compatible. (I’ve also been told, and I can believe anything when it comes to an Apple, that Windows actually works BETTER on an Apple than a PC.) Hm . . .

So, my number 10 is out. It’s Mac OS X, a powerful, compact, useful, and robust operating system that puts Windows to shame. As you sit waiting for your Windows PC to boot up, you can already be working on your Apple. Yeah . . . I know, there is a slight learning curve when using an Apple, but once you get the hang of it, you never miss the old ways.

(To look at the various Apple computers, just go to BroncoTEC in the SUB. They have a good selection to look at and loads of software at academic prices. And your purchases help Boise State. What could be better than that?)

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