Energize Your Teaching Using Technology: 5 Easy Steps

Last night I had the opportunity to present at an Adjunct Faculty Workshop. What I shared with this group was a list of 5 easy ways they could use technology tools to energize their teaching. I also want to share this with you! Here they are:

  1. Use multiple ways to communicate online
  2. Use available tech tools to promote collaboration
  3. Provide timely feedback to students
    • Blackboard gradebook
    • Respond within 24 hours to student emails
    • Spontaneous multimedia learning aids (http://jingproject.com)
  4. Reduce student time on task by showing students how to be more efficient
  5. Make students’ work relevant and authentic through opportunities to publicize student work online

As you can see, this list provides you with example links to each specific software tool/recommendation. As I said last night, don’t let the availability of all of these tools overwhelm you. If you are just beginning to use technology in your teaching, take baby steps. Try out what you are comfortable with and what is important to you. If creating community and reducing transactional distance with your students is top on your list, then maybe try creating a social network in your classes. If using multiple ways to explain concepts is needed, then maybe explore creating multimedia online tutorials (they are easier to do than you might think) for your students to access on demand. If making yourself available to students when they are online is important, then set up an instant messenger or chat account and tell them to contact you during certain hours when they need immediate access to you. If you want to simplify administering quizzes to your students in class, then try out our clickers (student response systems) to automatically calculate scores that can be imported into your Blackboard gradebook. You get the idea. Use the tools that will achieve what you and your students want.


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