Open your daily websites automatically with Firefox

If you are new to this blog, then you don’t know yet that I am a Firefox fanatic. If you don’t have Firefox installed on your computer, GET IT: I just haven’t found any browser that offers such a plethora of add-ons and features. For instance, I currently have Scribefire, Zotero, Notebook, Twitbin, and GSpace installed on my home computer’s Firefox browser. If you don’t know what a Firefox browser add-on is, go to this page and read about some of them. Guaranteed you will find some add-ons that will help make your work easier and more productive. In fact, after just going to this page right now, I saw an add-on that would be very useful for foreign language courses or English language learners, a handy foreign language dictionary. There are many dictionaries to choose from (I just downloaded the Finnish one, so I’ll soon be trying that out.)

One thing I’d like to remind you of or tell you about is that you can have your websites open automatically all at once when you open the Firefox browser. To customize how Firefox opens your websites, yust click Firefox>Preferences in the main menu bar after you open Firefox and then have the Main tab or icon open. (I use an Apple, so on a PC, you may see tabs.)

firefox prefs

You can direct Firefox to open certain pages, for instance. This is very handy, because most of us at least START the work day with certain sites we automatically go to: our Gmail, iGoogle, our blog, feed reader, etc. To have Firefox automatically open these in tabs for you, you can copy and paste the addresses in the Home Page bar, dividing them by the vertical line (symbol right above the left slash, the key right above the return key on your keyboard.) After you enter the pages, just select Use Current Pages and either save on your PC or close this window on your Apple. The next time you restart Firefox, your selected sites will open in tabs. Give it a try and make sure you entered the sites correctly.

Another option Firefox provides is the “Use Bookmark.” This might even be easier for you if you want to create a bookmark folder in the Firefox Bookmarks menu. Add all of your sites to a bookmark and then simply select this bookmark for Firefox to use as your default opening pages.

Another really cool thing you should know about is that you can move the tabs on your Firefox browser. Simply grab the tab and move it where you want it. Yes, it is THAT easy.

You may also notice on this Main tab that Firefox allows YOU to decide where you want to save your downloaded files. You might want to download your files to one folder on your desktop (I call this folder “junkdrawer,” so I am reminded to empty it when I no longer need the files.) If you do have all of your files downloaded to your desktop, make sure you clean it off every day or so. Otherwise your computer desktop is so cluttered with files, you can’t find anything. And you don’t want to be in that situation!


4 thoughts on “Open your daily websites automatically with Firefox

  1. There’s no doubt Firefox is one of the best (or, *the* best) browser out there. Recently Firefox held a competition called “Extend Firefox 2” that allowed fans to create extensions, or add-ons, for Firefox. Some of these extension are fantastic. My favorite: TwitterFox. It’s so convenient I started twittering again 🙂


  2. If you like this Firefox feature, you will love “SessionManager” ( plugin for Firefox.

    SessionManager allows to have several session profiles or working areas and to switch easily between them. For example, I have three session profiles: one profile for teaching area (composed of learning object search engines, web tools like Scribd, and VLEs, blogs, wikis and message boards of my university); another one for research area (composed of the academic and scientific paper search engines,…) and the last one for personal area.

    But, I don’t use any tab for GMail, Google Calendar and Netvibes as different session profiles share them. Instead of that, I use “Prism” ( to launch this three web services directly from the desktop as if they were standalone apps.


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  4. Hi there, I hope you’ll get to see this comment even though the original post was 3yrs ago!

    Do you know of a way to automate tabs opening on certain days? For example, there are websites I only check on certain days each week as the content of interest to me is updated that day. It wouldn’t work with a reader… I’d need the actual tabs open, but only on specific days.

    I’d be very grateful if you knew how to achieve this!

    Many thanks.


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