Use iMacros to do repetitive online tasks

A couple of days ago I was reading the Firefox add-ons page and found a program called iMacros. This incredibly easy to use software records what you do on a webpage, saves it as an easy to edit text file, and then performs what you tell it to do with just one click. I can think of MANY applications I do everyday that could save me time by using iMacros.

Think about the process of logging in to Blackboard, for instance. Every time you do this you need to go to the website (one click), type in your user name and password (3 to 4 clicks). How about one click? You can do this with iMacros, and believe me, it’s easy as pie. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Download iMacros to your computer and install it in your Firefox browser. (I am assuming you have and are using Firefox by now.)
  2. Record the macro (the steps you take to log on to Blackboard), which involves nothing more than having iMacros open in the left-hand task pane of your browser, selecting the Rec tab, selecting the Record button, and then navigating to the Blackboard login page and going through the steps you normally take to log in to Blackboard. When you are done, hit the STOP button. (You just created a macro, see how easy that was?)
  3. Next right click the macro you just created (it will be at the top of the Favorites folder list) and then rename it something like “Bb-login” so you’ll be able to quickly locate it.
  4. Run your macro by clicking it in the list and see if it does what you want.
  5. Then, instead of spending time going to Blackboard and entering your username and login, you just click one macro in your iMacro program and it does the work for you. Cool huh?

If you need more assistance, watch this quick video that I used to help me figure out how to create and use an iMacro:

What next, you might ask? Create a macro for the BSU Rec Center website, when you have to enter the same information to reserve a space for cycling class, for instance. While your computer is following your macro instructions, go get a cup of coffee. The website you want to use should be ready and waiting for you when you return.


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