Audacity Sound Editor and Tutorials

As you may have read in this blog, Academic Technologies is working on getting iTunes U @ Boise State up and running. This will offer additional and easier ways for faculty and students to create podcasts, using the iTunes U interface to upload and access content.

One of our responsibilities is to support the various ways faculty and students will be creating podcasts. To create a standard audio podcast you really don’t need much–a microphone (headset is a good choice), computer, and sound editing software. An open-source software tool that we like is Audacity, which can be downloaded from the following site:

(You’ll also want to download the LAME encoder, which converts the Audacity audio file to an mp3, which is the correct format to upload to your iTunes U account. Don’t let the word “lame” scare you!)

Audacity is a great audio editing tool–not only is it free, but is easy to use, powerful, and cross-platform (works on Mac, Windows, and Linux). There are great online tutorials to get you started, too:

Also, here’s a link to the Audacity user’s manual: 

I’m going to do some more experimenting with Audacity and report back. I am very interested in getting a sound mixer and multiple microphones to record a conversation with several people. That’s my next project . . .


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