Google Maps Street View: The ultimate virtual trip

A couple of days ago a faculty friend of mine sent me a YouTube link with the email subject line, “a techie’s nightmare,” or something like that. Watch this first and then continue reading:

So . . . you just watched something new that Google maps has come out with . . . Google Street View. Apparently sometime last year, vans with GPS equipment and cameras were traversing the streets of North America, taking pictures and keeping track of where they were taken through the GPS software. If this sounds too unreal, it kind of is, except that it IS real. The unreal part of the video (in case you need any help) is when the camera shows the apartment stairs and starts going into the apartment.

When you type a street address, city, and zip code in the Google search bar a map will automatically appear for that area. Once you click this map to open it, a button titled “Street View” can be clicked to view the streets that have images. Here’s a Google video (again, quite cute) that also explains the process:

Not only are these Google guys creative and smart . . . they are also funny. Maybe that’s why Google is taking over the world . . . they can laugh.

Anyway, take a look at this new Google map feature and let me know what you think. One of my blog readers already has on a previous post. Thanks, Memo.


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