A friend of mine told me about Instapaper, so of course, I’m checking it out. It appears really easy, simple to use and a potential time-saver. For all of us who see stuff we want to read, but don’t have time for it right away . . . Instapaper might be just the ticket. It’s simple as pie to install . . . just drag the little button to your bookmark bar (not your bookmark folder, but the menu bar on your browser, where you have your delicious button and other stuff.) Actually, this service should prove to be my resource ticket for saving information I want to write about at some later time for this blog . . . I really like how it saves the pages and then sorts them by what you’ve read and haven’t read.

This is for web pages, mind you . . . it won’t allow you to select “Read Later” for pdf files, darn it! But when you find an interesting website with some resources that look interesting, you could definitely use Instapaper.

So, go to Instapaper register for an account (all you need to do is enter a user name) and then drag the little button to your browser bar. Then, when you see something you want to read, click “Read Later” and do just that. For more discussion about this tool, comparing its pros and cons to Google Notebook, go to:

Now, I need to go find something to read . . .

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