Setting a Pass/Fail Grading Option in Blackboard

Every Tuesday I try to write something interesting and helpful about how to use Blackboard. There is a lot to learn in Blackboard, and although I’ve used it for years, both as a student and faculty member, I still am learning new stuff. For instance, I didn’t even know that you could configure the gradebook to customized scores, such as Pass/Fail. If you need help with customizing the grades in your gradebook (especially the weighting option), don’t hesitate to call Blackboard assistance at 426-2583 or email them at However, I bet you can figure it out. Here’s where you would go, for instance, to set a Pass/Fail option in your gradebook.

Go to the Control Panel>Gradebook and then click the Gradebook Settings at the top. Click Manage Display Options and then click Add Display Options at the top. Enter Pass/Fail in the name box and then you need to enter your pass/fail parameters. These scores will depend upon what percentage will determine the passing and failing grades. In the example shown below, the student would need to get a perfect score (100%) to Pass and anything below that would be failing. (If you want to see the entire image, just click it.)


After you do this click submit and then check out your new option by creating a sample gradebook entry and then making it Pass/Fail (select this instead of the default Score).

modify grade

Then enter a score that should be passing and see if that is entered in the Gradebook. Then do the same for a failing score. If it is not working the way you want, contact Blackboard Support to fine tune it . . . it shouldn’t be a big deal for them!


Try out different scoring options in the Gradebook by adding your own type of grading option and customize your grading the way you want. You can do it in Blackboard.

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