Slideshare: Online Slideshows

I’ve written about this site/tool before, but wanted to remind you about it, since it can be a very powerful collaborative project tool. It’s called SlideShare (http://www., and it takes your PowerPoint, converts it to a flash file and then stores/displays it on their site. You can actually share your slideshow with others if you want (allow them to download it), but the really neat part is that you can comment on others’ slideshows and receive comments on yours. You are also notified when someone makes your slideshow part of their favorites.

You can also narrate these (which makes them even more powerful) and it’s not that hard to do. You will need to record the narration, upload that file, and then sync your narration to each slide. I know, I know, this sounds hard and time-consuming, but it really isn’t, once you get the hang of it.

What is slideshare good for? Well . . . if your students want to narrate a PowerPoint and put it online, they should convert that PPT file to something smaller, like a flash file. Slideshare will convert the file for you and also store it . . . for FREE.

You also might want your students to easily view other students’ slideshows and this is where the powerful stuff starts kicking in . . . they can COMMENT on each other’s slideshows. This feedback can help them maybe revise their slideshow. And, it can help you also evaluate student work by seeing how classmates rated each other.

As an instructor, you can also have a very convenient showcase of student work, going back to it whenever you want, on any computer, since it’s all stored online. Since the viewing public is more than the teacher and other students, this project might get some extra effort and attention, too, who knows. Finally, YOU can see some pretty fabulous and professional slideshows and get ideas on how to do or improve ones that you are working on.

Here’s one I just watched the other day on how to prepare a killer blog, when I was preparing for a blog workshop.. I think it is excellent, is tastefully humorous, and provides some excellent ideas on how to create a great blog:

(Remember, this is a slideshow, so unless you narrate it, your viewers will need to click the forward buttons to advance each slide.)

So, take a look at SlideShare, set up a free account, take a look at some of the great presentations people have made and will share (you can actually download some of them), and use these ideas to improve your presentations, provide ideas for students to publish their work, and get those creative juices flowing. Your presentation might get over 22,000 views too, like the Killer blog one has.

One thought on “Slideshare: Online Slideshows

  1. Nice one…I actually was reviewing this…glad to read through your reviews…quite an outstanding product if used to its promising potential.



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