Internal wikis in Blackboard . . . Coming Soon

Yeah, you read that title right. We are planning on installing one of the many Building Blocks (these are modules) to Blackboard that will enable private blogs and wikis within your course site. Most of you probably know what a blog is, but a wiki might be a new item for you. Wikis are essentially websites in which several people can participate. So, for group projects, such as problem-solving, they are ideal. Wikis offer quick and easy ways to collaborate, create and edit content, and a host of other possibilities. I have not used this Blackboard Building Block yet, so I can’t report much of anything at this time. However, I’m going to test it out soon and then I’ll be able to give you more info. Just know that this feature is coming to Blackboard and will give your students many more possibilities for reading and writing within the password-protected Blackboard course site. This means, of course, that this writing will be private.

If you don’t know what a wiki is, you can take a look at how I use wikis to create content that is easy to find and reusable limitless numbers of times. Here’s just one example:

Having information and answers posted to a wiki saves me a ton of time in having to respond to faculty. If it’s an answer to a question that I’ve written about in a wiki, then I just provide the link to that wiki or wiki page. Easy, huh?

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