Voicethread: Multimedia Conversations

A faculty member alerted me to yet another online interactive tool: voicethread. This application offers multiple ways to create presentations, narrate them, and then encourage conversation from others viewing your presentation, either through written or narrated comments. It’s ridiculously easy to use and as you can see when you visit the site, it’s already filled with projects by K-20 students.

How might you use voicethread? If you are an art teacher, studying a certain genre for instance, you could upload images and then invite your students to write and narrate comments about that art, answering certain prompts you provide to them. Or, maybe you want students to write a digital story, post it online and have the classmates comment on that. You can do that easily with voicethread. How about conducting a panel discussion? You can easily do this using voicethread, and I encourage you to watch this panel discussion about the educational uses of Second Life:


Believe it or not, once you create an account, you can comment on ANY published voicethread. Think about using voicethread for all kinds of applications . . . maybe you want to post information for a department meeting and also want to get comments from department members. You can do this easily and quickly with voicethread. Just post some PowerPoint slides with your discussion points and narrate. You can have multiple narrators, with each picture of the person showing up on your voicethread.

If you think you have a good use for this technology, give it a try. Otherwise, just know that it’s there.


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