Using Boot Camp on Leopard to install Windows: Easy if you read the directions!

For the next few days, I’ll be in Phoenix, at a conference called MEC, which stands for Microcomputers in Education Conference. I’m doing two presentations there . . . one on why instructors need to know about wikis and the other is a hands-on workshop on using Microsoft Photo Story 3. In the process of planning for the trip, I decided to try out Boot Camp so I could just bring one computer to the conference.

So, last night I installed Leopard, the new Mac operating system, which includes Boot Camp, and then opened Boot Camp to create a partition on my Mac hard drive to hold the Windows OS (operating system). My husband thought I was nuts, since this was the computer I was taking on my trip, and if anything happened to it, I would be pretty unhappy.

Then, this morning (I’m writing this on the plane to Phoenix, using ScribeFire to write my blog posting offline and then publish it when I get an Internet connection) I installed Windows to my Apple computer . . . a very scary thing indeed. Here is what I found out:

(To avoid keeping you in suspense, I WILL tell you that I was successful and have both operating systems working on this computer. After all, I’m using it now!)

You should definitely PRINT OUT the instructions for how to use Boot Camp, which are provided when you start up Boot Camp. (Boot Camp is located in the Applications>Utilities folder, by the way). This will avoid a lot of problems, which is what happened to me the first time I tried to install Windows. However . . . you can be reassured to know that it is VERY SIMPLE if you change your mind and want to take Windows and the new partition completely off of your Apple computer. Boot Camp quickly and easily can remove the disk partition and Windows. PHEW!!

However, if you print off the directions and follow them, it’s pretty straightforward. I am happy to report I now have two operating systems on my Apple computer. I set the Mac OS X operating system to start by default (System Preferences>Startup Disk).

So, when I want to start Windows, I simply hold down the option key when it is rebooting, and then I can select the Windows system to boot. Boot Camp just allows you to use one operating system at a time, and that should work fine for me.

I’ll try to take some pictures at the conference and of course, write about all the neat things I am learning. By the way, the temperatures are supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow. Sorry I had to tell you that. 🙂


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