People want to know about wikis

dscn0685.jpgWe needed to bring in more chairs to the room where I did a presentation on wikis and how faculty at Boise State use them. To me, this is just another indication that people want to know about wikis. (I’m in Phoenix at the Microcomputers in Education Conference until Thursday.) Like many new technologies, it just takes some time before they start to catch on. And the future for wikis looks pretty good.

(By the way, the picture to your left I took today. It’s the building where the conference is being held at ASU, the Lattie Coor Hall, and I was intrigued by the Explore letters on the top of the building. This is a thumbnail image, so you can click it to see its original size.)

Wiki software just keeps getting easier and easier to use, with more interactive tools and a broader level of acceptance. The time has come for wikis. Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the concept, but wikis had a hard time catching on.

The concept of camel case, for instance, (that’s two words with capital letters at the beginning of each word with no space, such as “BarbaraSchroeder”) is wiki-specific. In many wikis, when you type a word in camel case, the software automatically thinks it is a hyperlink to another wiki page. But apparently camel case evolved from programmer language, which was the beginning of wikis–to share programming code. There is usually an answer for everything.

So today my room for the wiki presentation was overflowing. It was great to know that a topic and technology I embrace is also becoming more mainstream. I believe that wikis WILL become as common as PowerPoint, as a faculty friend of mine has said. And definitely a lot better than PowerPoint!

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