Pictures and stuff I'm learning

Thought you might like to see some pictures from my trip so I uploaded some to my account and created a badge. Here they are:

boisebarbara's MEC2008 photoset boisebarbara’s MEC2008 photoset

Here is some new stuff I’m learning:

  • Need a great online brainstorming or concept mapping tool that students could work on synchronously? Try I think this looks pretty cool.
  • As an alternative and richer tool to blogging, how about setting up a Facebook group for your class? You could make this private and students could write their blogs here, as well as comment on other multimedia uploaded to the group site. I’m thinking students uploading digital stories using Photo Story to a Facebook group as a great way to showcase their work and get comments back on this work. More exploration with Facebook as a blogging tool should be explored.
  • The Zoom H4 digital audio recorder is looking like a fabulous one-device-with-multiple-functions podcasting recording tool.

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