Deki Wiki: Worth Your While

Deki WikiWhen I start investigating stuff available online, the possibilities become exciting for me. Last fall, a colleague told me about Deki Wiki, a very powerful server-based wiki platform. I looked at it and yes, it looked very nice, with excellent features that people now expect from a wiki. However, as I mentioned, it is server-based, which means you need to install the software on a server (something that most faculty members don’t have access to.) However, I tucked that name into my long-term memory (what’s left of it), vowing to return to it at some time to investigate further.

Well, the time has come and we installed it on one of our servers to test it out. It looks VERY promising, and I’m hoping to get this going as a possible alternative platform for my wiki grant participants. In the meantime, I found a link to a web-based server/install of this Deki Wiki platform: (I know, it sounds strange URL, but it looks legitimate.)

Within a few seconds, I installed a deki wiki and started working with it. It’s intuitive and quite attractive. Hey, I like attractive wikis! So, if you get the inkling during your spring break, sign up for a wiki and take a look at Deki Wiki. In the meantime, I’m going to work hard here at Academic Technologies to get the server-based version installed for my wiki team.

Hope you are all having a wonderful spring break.


3 thoughts on “Deki Wiki: Worth Your While

  1. Thanks for alerting me to the correct website! I’ve corrected it on the original posting. Yes, it IS quick and easy to set up. We are working on trying to install a multi-tenant deki wiki on our server here, with LDAP authentication. If there are any specific websites to visit to help with this, I’d appreciate any feedback.


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