Someone from Florida caught my mistake!

I could say that I intentionally provided some misinformation about Blackboard to see if people were reading my posts, but then that would be telling an untruth, and I never want to do that! So, a few days ago when I received an email from a faculty member who teaches at the University of South Florida, asking me for detailed information on how to copy a discussion forum in Blackboard to another course site, since his Blackboard expert said it couldn’t be done, I knew I had some research to do! (Just knowing that someone from Florida is reading my blog gave me cause for celebration!)

So, for the record, you can copy a forum in your Blackboard course to another group or several groups you have already created IN THE SAME COURSE, but you CANNOT copy a discussion forum into another course site. You can select the Course Copy feature in your Control Panel in Blackboard, but this will copy the entire discussion board into another course site. You cannot choose a specific or specific forums within that discussion board to copy, just the entire discussion board. I sure hope this makes sense, but if it doesn’t, just try it out on your own Blackboard course site.

As you know, when you are in the Discussion Board part of your course (Control Panel > Discussion Board) you can then click your course discussion board and see the various discussion forums you have set up. From there, you can see you have several buttons (Modify, Manage, Remove, Copy). If you select “Copy” this sends you to another window which offers you the option to copy that forum to another group or to copy it to your main discussion forum, but NOT to another course site in Blackboard.

So, I stand corrected. Thank you, Larry, from the University of South Florida for asking me for clarification. How is the weather there, by the way???


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