Google Gadget: Translate my Page

One of the ways I stay current (or try to!) with technology tools is through working with the faculty here at Boise State. Yeah . . . they think I know more than they do, but in reality, I learn a lot more from them! For instance, just today I learned about a GREAT GOOGLE GADGET that can be used on web pages that will instantly translate pages into different languages.

This Google gadget is called “Translate my Page” and allows for instant, easy translation from English to many languages. Think about the increased readership your wiki, website, or blog can have with this tool! Or, if you are constructing a wiki for a group from around the world, this tool would enable this collaboration to take place. You simply copy and paste the code on your wiki and the user can translate your page into the language of their choice. I’ll show you what I mean . . .

Go to one of my wikis:

You’ll see on this home page that I’ve inserted this translation gadget. Try it out and see how it works. As you will see, the page will be translated. While I’m sure it’s not perfect, as it would be if a person were translating the text, it sure should facilitate a wider conversation and use of web pages from different cultures. I am truly excited about the possibilities for enlarging the readership of our websites, and this is one way it can be done. I can already think of one faculty member who will be excited about this tool . . . she wants to be able to translate her wiki from English to Spanish. No problem.

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