Embedding a video on pbwiki

It’s really simple to embed a video on pbwiki. Here’s an example below of a video I inserted:

First, you’ll need to locate your video, so try http://youtube.com, http://teachertube.com, or Google video. In this case, I located a video on iMovie through YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qQgstgOZV4Q

Next, you’ll need to find the embed code, which is on the page where you located the video on YouTube. See the image below to see where the embed code is.

Select this embed code and copy it (Control C).

Put your cursor on the place of your wiki page where you want the video inserted.

Then, click “Insert Plugin” on the menu bar of your wiki, select Video, then YouTube video.

Click Next and then paste (Control V) the embed code of your vide in the next box.

Click finish a couple of times and then you’ll see your video embedded, just like it is at the top of this blog post. You’ll need to select “Save” from the bottom of the page and then you should be able to view and play your video. Pretty easy, huh?


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