Carry portable applications on a flash drive

Okay, I’m on a roll now. There are so many ways you can use a flash drive besides storing files it’s incredible. You can download the following portable programs, for instance, on your flash drive to use on another computer:

  • Web browser: Portable Firefox, 7.55MB installed
    Includes all Firefox profile information, like bookmarks and extensions.
  • Office Suite: Portable Open Office, 90.6MB installed
    Spreadsheet, word processor and presentation software.
  • Email: Portable Thunderbird, 21.7MB installed
    Email, address book and mail filters.
  • Instant Messenger: Trillian Anywhwere, ~34 MB installed (depending on the size of your Trillian profile)
    Multi-protocol instant messaging client works with AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and IRC.
  • Virus Scanner: Portable ClamWin, ~15Mb installed (with definitions)
    Open source Windows virus scanner.

If you have these programs (and others you want to use) on your flash drive, you will be able to turn just about any computer into one you can use. For instance, if you do a lot of audio editing and need to use Audacity, just copy the program folder to your flash drive and open it from there. Copy your iTunes music folder to your flash drive and then put these songs on another computer. The opportunities and ideas are endless.


One thought on “Carry portable applications on a flash drive

  1. I couldn’t do without my USB: I use to sync folders between computers and carry back up documents, run my favorite utilities, and test out new programs.

    You may already know that Firefox 3, Beta 5 has been released, so I downloaded it to my USB to test it out and experiment with its new features–no need to mess up my current Firefox settings and extensions in my computer OR my regular portable version of Firefox. It’s a great way to experiment with new programs without compromising your current settings.


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