A blog worth reading: Verso

I just ran across an excellent blog worth adding to your reading list, a blog called Verso by Paul Left. Paul is from New Zealand and is an education consultant. On his blog, he writes:

My professional activities include:
• learning technology
• learning design
• professional development

He has a cool, cool, cool WordPress blog (this is an example of what you can do with the WordPress server-based version, not the web-based one that I’m currently using), along with a Moodle site (I knew there was something about him I liked!), and a wiki. I’m sure he’s like me and has a lot of other stuff out there, but what I’ve found is really good.

For my wiki and blog faculty team, I’m going to show them his Read-Write matrix of Web 2.0 tools for learning: http://www.verso.co.nz/mw/index.php?title=The_Read-Write_Matrix It took me a while to really digest this, but it makes sense and can help faculty members understand the various levels of reading and writing enabled through Web 2.0 tools.

And, he has already provided me with writing material for tomorrow . . . a software tool called Undone. Until tomorrow, then.


One thought on “A blog worth reading: Verso

  1. Many thanks for the generous feedback, Barbara. I’m very pleased you found the read-write matrix useful!

    It sounds like you’re a keen Moodle user, too. I’ve just posted a follow-up Wikis in Moodle & the read-write matrix which links the matrix to the different types of wikis in Moodle. This might be useful too when working with faculty: I find it’s not always easy for those new to Moodle to understand the 9 different options for the wiki module.




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